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Upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan, Public Review Draft (By Chapter)
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Dedication
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Background
  • Chapter 2: Covered Activities
  • Chapter 3: Planning Area and Existing Environment
  • Chapter 4: Incidental Take Assessment and Impact Analysis
  • Chapter 5: Conservation Strategy
  • Chapter 6: Plan Implementation
  • Chapter 7: Funding
  • Chapter 8: Alternatives Considered but Rejected
  • Chapter 9: HCP Contributors
  • Chapter 10: Glossary
  • Chapter 11: Literature Cited
  • Appendix A: Covered Activities Permit Matrix
  • Appendix B: Selection of Baseline Period for Hydrology Analysis
  • Appendix C: Monthly and Annual Flows for Exceedance Probabilities at Existing Conditions and with Covered Activities
  • Appendix D: Santa Ana River High Flow Effects Analysis
  • Appendix E: Santa Ana Sucker Habitat Suitability Analysis
  • Appendix F: Covered Activity Impacts
  • Appendix G: Covered Activity Avoidance and Minimization Measures
  • Appendix H: Cost Summary
  • Comment Letter on the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the HCP EIR
  • Letter from the Native American Heritage Commission
  • Letter from San Bernardino County, Department of Public Works
  • Letter from Rivers and Lands Conservancy
  • Letter from the Center for Biological Diversity
  • Letter from Southern California Edison
  • Letter from Department of Water Resources

  • News

      Wolly Stars Need Catastrophes to Live (March 19, 2019). A small, crunchy, spiny plant redefines toughness as it thrives on catastrophic flooding. The endangered Santa Ana Woolly Star does not just prosper with floods, though; it depends on them… Read More
      Santa Ana sucker fish recovery plan approved by U.S. Fish and Wildlife (March 14, 2017). A plan that will serve as a roadmap for the population restoration of federally endangered Santa Ana sucker has been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency announced this week... Read More
      Endangered Santa Ana River fish to get new homes (May 1, 2016). The rushing sound of the mountain stream calls from a distance. After a few dozen yards of boulder scrambling, the clarity of the water is startling as it washes over rocks so clean they look as though they have been scrubbed... Read More
      Clean water versus the sucker fish: Drought creates a bizarre dilemma (February 26, 2016) The California drought has created many oddities over the last few years but none as bizarre as a scene that unfolds regularly on a tributary of the Santa Ana River... Read More
      Fight to save Santa Ana sucker puts strain on water (July 28, 2015). A rare fish that lives in the Santa Ana River has been fighting off extinction for decades. The Santa Ana sucker is a bottom-feeder, and it's at the center of a fight involving two cities, 10 water agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service... Read More
      Struggle to save endangered Santa Ana sucker may reach U.S. Supreme Court (July 27, 2015). A 20-year struggle to protect a rare bottom-feeding fish from extinction appears headed toward resolution as Inland Empire cities and water agencies are asking the court of last resort to intervene... Read More
      Inland Empire water agencies pool resources to save Santa Ana sucker (March 7, 2015) As the morning light gently shines through brush, illuminating some sections of the Santa Ana River, biologists representing a consortium of water agencies slowly wade through the gently flowing waterway... Read More
      Valley District approves fish relocation (October 21, 2015). San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District has approved a plan to populate three remote San Bernardino Mountain streams with Santa Ana suckers... Read More

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       HCP Fact Sheet
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       Santa Ana Sucker Species Info

    CDFW Links
       Habitat Conservation Planning
       Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP)

    SAWPA Links
       Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA)
       One Water One Watershed (OWOW) Santa Ana River Watershed Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWM)
       Invasive algae threatens sucker habitat (May 15, 2014 presentation)

    Hydrologic Effects Evaluation Tools
     TNC's ELOHA Tools (Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration)


    Environmental Review Documents

    Reports and Memos

    Upper Santa Ana River Hydrology and Groundwater Integrated Model

  • Full Document (Combined)
  • Part 1 of 5 - Text
  • Part 2 of 5 - Figures (Part 1)
  • Part 3 of 5 - Figures (Part 2)
  • Part 4 of 5 - Tables
  • Part 5 of 5 - Appendices
  • Santa Ana Sucker Translocation Plan Site Evaluation Reports (2019)

  • City Creek Site Evaluation Report
  • Hemlock Creek Site Evaluation Report
  • Mill Creek Site Evaluation Report
  • Plunge Creek Site Evaluation Report
  • Santa Ana Sucker Translocation Plan (2018)

  • USGS Santa Ana River Native Fish Population and Habitat Studies

  • SAR 2019 Native Fish Population and Habitat Study, Santa Ana River, California
  • SAR 2018 Native Fish Population and Habitat Study, Santa Ana and San Gabriel Rivers, California
  • SAR 2017 Native Fish Population and Habitat Study, Santa Ana River, California
  • SAR 2016 Native Fish Population and Habitat Study, Santa Ana River, California
  • Native Fish Population and Habitat Study, Santa Ana River, California, 2015
  • USGS 2017 Native Fish Population and Habitat Study (Wulff, M.L., Brown, L.R., May, J.T., and Gusto, E., 2018, Native fish population and habitat study, Santa Ana River, California, 2017: U.S. Geological Survey data release)(2018)

  • Opportunities and Constraints for Tributary Restoration Sites (June 2018)

  • Part 1 - Report and Maps
  • Part 2 - Appendices A - E
  • Part 3 - Appendices F - H
  • Opportunities and Constraints Report for Evans Creek (August 2019)

  • Covered Activities Memos

  • Valley District
  • RPU
  • Conservation District
  • East Valley District
  • Flood Control
  • IEUA
  • Water Department
  • West Valley District
  • Western
  • Rialto