Project Map

Use the map below to pan around the project area, zoom in and out, and toggle project layers. Use the Basemap dropdown to view Google satellite imagery and USGS Topographic basemaps.

Plan Area

The Plan Area is the area that is being evaluated during the development of the HCP. All covered activities and conservation actions (including mitigation and avoidance and minimization measures) will occur within the Plan Area. A focused Permit Area will be identified during the HCP development process to identify the specific areas where take permits from the Wildlife Agencies are issued. Criteria important for developing the Plan Area include:

  • The area in which HCP Team water resource agencies anticipate constructing and operating infrastructure in the future.
  • The area in which HCP Team water resource agencies currently conduct O&M activities.
  • Sites currently proposed to support mitigation.
  • Areas where mitigation action opportunities may occur.
  • Important topographic or hydrologic boundaries such as watersheds.
  • Covered species habitat or natural community boundaries.
  • Jurisdictional or land use boundaries.
  • The boundaries of other approved or in-process conservation plans or open space where opportunities for collaboration of mitigation activities may be present.